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Patten Pear - Zone 4, standard. Patten is a rather large pear, typically pear-shaped with a very long stalk. The skin is thin and light-yellow green in color, with brown lenticels, and the flesh is white. The pear is one of the last pears to ripen, being ready to harvest at the end of September.

A good pollinator for most other pear trees.


  • Trees must be picked up at Plant Land Kalispell after breaking dormancy, typically in June, to be covered under our one year warranty.
  • Trees that have not broken dormancy will not be covered.
  • An Email will be sent for confirmation after your purchase and an email will be sent when your fruit tree(s) are ready for pickup. Please make sure to check your spam folder for emails.
  • We do offer delivery of Fruit Trees for a fee.
  • We DO NOT SHIP our Fruit Trees.
  • Patten Pear Fruit Trees must be picked up by June 30, 2024. If your fruit tree(s) are not picked up by June 30th, we will release them for sale to the public. 50% Credit will be given to you after June 30th.

Patten Pear

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