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Plant Land is Northwest Montana’s leading Garden Center. Family owned and operated since 1986! We have eleven greenhouses, a one acre tree and shrub nursery plus a three-thousand square feet Gift Shop. You can find all the plants, supplies and tools you need to be a successful gardener in our store and our Garden Experts are always on hand to help with any questions.

We offer garden classes for all levels, all year. We grow all our annuals, vegetables and perennials from seed or cuttings ourselves and offer custom container planting for commercial or private accounts. Whether your plans are big or small, our staff can help you design any garden project.


In the middle of the 1980’s Bob Balding happily grew armloads of gladiolus every summer to give away to friends and sell to lucky people who admired them at the Farmer’s Market. In a small greenhouse at his house in Lakeside he nurtured the gladiolus along with an ever expanding garden of flowers and vegetables, a hobby he found rewarding and frankly, just plain fun.

In 1986 Bob thought that hobby might be a good way to make a living and on some family land in Evergreen just below Kalispell underpass he opened Plant Land. The family, the plants, and the business grew and today the Balding family operates Plant Land, one of the Flathead Valley’s most successful and best known garden centers.

“When we first opened we grew maybe 500 geraniums and 100 tomato plants, all one or two kinds,” remembers Balding. “Now we grow 10,000 or more geraniums in every color, 60 different kinds of tomatoes (regular and heirloom), and 30 kinds of peppers.”

While the Flathead Valley grew, Plant Land grew right along with it, expanding to its current size with a 3000 square foot gift shop, seven greenhouses at the retail site, plus four more greenhouses on a separate property on Trumble Creek Road.

“Twenty-seven years ago it would have been hard to imagine the kind of work we do now. So many businesses in the Valley have us do their summer flowers with plants we grow just for them,” said Balding. Plant Land plants can be found gracing the streets of downtown Kalispell, lodges in Glacier National Park, more local businesses that can be counted, and many, many private homes. “Nothing gives us more satisfaction than driving by great looking plants that we grew,” Balding notes, “and no matter how big we get, believe me, we know our plants because we grew them!”

Along the way Plant Land also grew into a full service, year round garden center. Gardeners can find trees, shrubs, perennials, fruit trees, and a staff that can help with any project. Open year round, Plant Land carries all the supplies a serious gardener needs to plus a unique gift shop full of both useful and whimsical garden gifts.

The next generation of the family, daughter Michelle, is making sure Plant Land stays on top of the latest garden trends. She and husband, Adam Grigsby, work hard to make sure Plant Land customers have the latest in information, supplies, and plants plus the online access today’s busy customer wants. The family is making sure Plant Land remains the Flathead Valley’s premier garden center.

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