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Growing your own fruit was very high on every one's list of things to do in 2020.  Our fruit trees sold out early!   Now we are happy to offer our customers the chance to Pre-Order Fruit Trees for the 2021 Season Now!  We are ordering our Fruit Trees for Spring 2021 and can allow customers to pre-order trees to make sure you get what you want in Spring.

Trees must be picked up after breaking dormancy, typically in June, to be covered under our one year warranty.  Trees that have not broken dormancy will not be covered.

 Every yard should have a fruit tree or two.  Fresh picked fruit is a tasty treat and is relatively easy to grow.  Select a site with full sun and that you can get water to easily. 


Hardiness varies widely and is noted with each selection.  There are no techniques that can be used to increase hardiness.  Both the severity and variability of Montana winters can cause damage in any given year.  We recommend maintaining fruiting trees in the best possible health to reduce the odds of winter-kill. 

Most fruit trees require cross-pollination for fruit production to occur.  We have noted necessary requirements and recommended appropriate pollinators.  Please read these sections carefully as successful fruit production will not occur or will be spotty without correct cross-pollination.  

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