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Growing your own fruit was very high on every one's list of things to do in 2020.  Our fruit trees sold out early!   Now we are happy to offer our customers the chance to Pre-Order Fruit Trees for the 2024 Season Now!  We are ordering our Fruit Trees for Spring 2024 and can allow customers to pre-order trees to make sure you get what you want in Spring.

Trees must be picked up at Plant Land Kalispell after breaking dormancy, typically in June, to be covered under our one year warranty. 

Trees that have not broken dormancy will not be covered.


We do offer delivery of Fruit Trees for a fee.

We DO NOT SHIP our Fruit Trees.

All Bare-root Grown Fruit Trees must be picked up by June 30, 2024.

All Container Grown Fruit Trees must be picked up by May 31, 2024

MALUS: (Apple) Two varieties are always needed for cross-pollination.  Cross-pollination is possible only when varieties bloom at approximately the same time, see the list at the end for bloom times.   Many of our selections are grafted on semi-dwarf rootstock resulting in about a 15’ tree.  These semi-dwarf varieties will fruit earlier than standard rootstock types, often bearing within 4-5 years compared to 7-10 for many standard types.  Varieties marked as grafted on standard rootstock will grow to approximately 25’.  




Apple recommendations for pollination:

Early season bloomers: (in order of bloom) 

Gravenstein, Yellow Transparent, Norland, Red Duchess, Wealthy


Mid-Season bloomers: (in order of bloom)

Macintosh, Goodland, Honey Crisp, Frostbite

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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